Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway!

What parent doesn't know the joy that comes from holding your little pre-walker's hands so that he can explore the world from his own two feet?  Or that achy-back feeling that accompanies it?  Abel, who will be one on Friday, is my third time around.  I've logged a lot of stooped-over hours while my babies experiment with placing their own weight on their feet.

The Juppy Baby Walker has come up with an alternative--a simple aid that "is ergonomically designed to teach your baby to walk while eliminating your need to bend over."  All in a package that requires no assembly and is small enough to fit into your purse!

When I gave the Juppy a whirl with Abel, it was a beautiful summer day, and he made a beeline for his siblings and the wading pool.

He seemed comfortable in the Juppy, and it was a breeze to get him into.  Wading pool time has actually become the time I use the Juppy most for--he gets to play with his siblings, and I don't have to bend over the pool to make sure he doesn't drown!

On the move!

Abel enjoys time in the Juppy, and it definitely alleviates back strain for me.  My biggest obstacle is actually remembering to use it at times it would be helpful!  However, as he is more and more interested in walking, I'm thinking that I'll be remember to break it out more often.

The Juppy Baby Walker can be purchased online via their website.  And don't forget to follow them via twitter, facebook, pinterest, and the Juppy blog for all of the latest Juppy updates!

Juppy has generously offered to give away one personalized Juppy Baby Walker to a reader of Gluten Free Motherhood.  That's a $36.90 value!

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