Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baking, Yeast, and Costco

Needless to say, I bake.  A lot.  Being gluten-free necessitates a lot of baking if you want food that tastes good and won't break the bank.  However, since we live very rurally, even basic ingredient costs, like yeast, can get very pricey very fast.  

I know couponers who don't buy memberships to places like Costco because they can do better if they combine their coupons and specials just right.  However, when you live as far out as we do, buying the subscription to the paper for the coupons doesn't pay for itself very well since we're rarely anyplace we can use said coupons.  It is much more affordable to make one HUGE shopping trip every three or four months to someplace like Costco.

And, I just discovered that the cost of yeast alone pays for our membership.  Everything else is savings. 

The 4 oz. jar pictured above (not in a three pack), goes for about $5.50 locally.

I just paid $3.99 for this 32 oz. package at Costco.  That comes out to $44 for that much yeast if purchased locally.  A membership is $40.  

This makes me happy.  What do you like to buy at Costco for less than you can find locally?  Or, if you live where most everything is local, what is still worth the price of the membership?


  1. nice idea.. thanks for posting..

  2. I buy chicken there. It is way cheaper than anywhere else and it is a 20 lb bag. I also get baby clothes there as the Carter's stuff is way cheaper than anywhere else too.