Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pull Apart Cupcake Tree with Owl Cake Pops

This is Gilead's birthday cake this year.  He's in love with Arnold Lobel's "Owl at Home" and therefore wanted an owl cake.  This isn't exactly an owl cake, but he likes it, anyway.  I'll have to add some pictures of him with it after we've "done cake" later today.

The tree is constructed of cupcakes.  My first "pull-apart" cake.  We nearly had a crisis when I discovered that my good leaf tip had been lost in one of our many moves.  However, a drop flower tip did a decent job.  I still plan on replacing that tip, though!

I used one batch each of Bob's Red Mill's chocolate and vanilla cake mixes for the cupcakes and a double batch of Wilton's buttercream icing.  The "fruit" in the tree is runts, the owl's are cake pops.  I did it the "old fashioned" way by mixing cake crumbs with frosting and forming balls.  I "glued" chocolate chips to those balls with melted chocolate, and once that had dried dipped the whole thing in melted chocolate.  The eyes are from candy necklaces, the noses are cut out pieces of candy corns, and the feet are star sprinkles.

There were some extra owl cake pops, so the kids got to sample them.  They heartily approved.

Happy 2nd birthday, little man!

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  1. Wow! Somebody worked hard on this cake, But it Looks Fantastic! Happy Birthday Gilead!