Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday--30 Weeks!

Here I am at 30 weeks.  No, I'm not having twins.  And the baby looks to be an average size.  Yes, people are asking...


  1. Definitely high up!!
    And nope, not twins, been there - you would be twice the size!! lol

    Have a great week, you glowing mama!!

    My Organized Chaos

  2. Oh the memories! I hope your ankles are ok. Mine swelled up like Miss Piggy for both my pregnancies. You look great!


  3. Found you through Wordless Wednesday

    You look great! I had the same questions all the time...

  4. Well, you look great. Congratulations!!

  5. What a cute belly. You look amazing! Congrats! Happy WW!

  6. Stopping by from a Monday Hop! I am your newest follower =] Please stop by my blog and follow back =] Thank you and have a nice week!
    - Cassondra / Mama's Passions

  7. You look adorable! Both of my babies were large (we're talking 10 lbs) and I'm only 5'4" so I pretty much looked massive throughout both pregnancies. I got the twins question ALL the time!

    Plus, I had a large t-shirt from the Gap Red campaign that said Two Weeks on the front (because the cost of the shirt paid for two weeks of medicine in Africa) and I had to stop wearing it because people were always asking if it meant that I had two weeks left in my pregnancy... when I was probably only 25 weeks along. Um, yeah. Thanks.