Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Love My Mom

I only make cookies every couple of weeks.  I'd like to do it more often, but because everything else from my kitchen is from scratch as well, they just don't fit in between the mandatory cooking, laundry, feeding, dressing, diaper changing, and other daily tasks all that often.

However, my mom is here, and she loves cooking for others.  Every couple of days she gets down one of my gluten-free cookbooks and whips up a batch of cookies.  The current batch is one of my favorites--ginger snaps.  This recipe is from Gluten Free Baking Classics.  YUM!  They're perfect, with just the right chewy texture.  Wonderful for cravings.  Not so great for pregnancy weight gain.

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  1. Nice meeting you. They look great. AFter posting this I will begin following you! I look forward to more.