Friday, May 13, 2011

Yard Sale Deals!

Where we used to live, yard sale-ing was a brutal Saturday affair.  The sales started as early as 6am (8am was a late one), and at opening there would be people lined up at the sidewalk ready to descend.  Here, it is an entirely different ball game.  We're just starting to figure it out.

Sales start as soon as Thursday, and they all seem to operate on at least Friday and Saturday.  So today I mapped out the sales and was at the most promising sounding one at 8am.  I was the only one there, and they were still setting up.  I returned a couple of hours later to find even more things out.

Here are our finds.

Weather permitting we love to grill and eat outside.  Ryan and I manage just fine eating out of our camp chairs, but the kids need a solid surface.  This table will get lots of use.  And, the table and chairs fold up for compact storage!

It's a beautiful day, so the kids had to eat lunch at it.

We also found this, but because it had to be disassembled to get it into our car tidily, it isn't available for a picture--this is from the Melissa and Doug site.  It's being tucked aside as a birthday gift for Mercy.

Only $15 and in great shape.  That's a $140 toy!

And a Baby Bjorn potty that my sister had us pick up for her little girl.  This particular sale was full of high quality, well cared for items for very, very inexpensive.  They even had a Bugaboo Frog stroller, Ergo Carrier (modified to carry outward facing, too), and a Phil and Ted MeToo hook-on chair.

All in all, we spent less than $15.  The piano will be a gift from Mercy's grandparents and the potty is my sister's.  But we got the table and chairs, trash can (a $50 can), Boon Frog Pod, swimsuit, sunhat, a Melissa and Doug puzzle and a board book for less than $15.  Not too bad!


  1. Oh wow! I am looking for an Ergo. If you see another one, please pick it up and I will buy it from you.

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