Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Market, To Market...

Due to a hand injury, my Mom recently lost her job.  Therefore, she is needing to put her house on the market.  So, this last week, we made the 6 hour drive to her place to help get some things in order.

You know those places that collect stuff, even when you try to prevent it?  Like the basement?  Well, those are the ones we decided to attack first.  They're coming along.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take many "before" pictures.  But here are some "in progress" pictures.

Not too bad for a basement, and we'll be doing more in the next few days.

We also tackled "the hole."  Otherwise known as the mudroom.  It was dubbed "the hole" because it is a couple of steps lower than the rest of the house, and tends to collect things.

The desk on the right.will be migrating to a different room in the next couple of days.  And cleaned off before that happens.

"The hole" also has a nifty loft bed option.  

The house is technically only a two bedroom, but you can get two extra people on this double bed.  Ryan spent a lot of nights there during our long-distance courtship.

Now we're in the process of tackling the 2nd bedroom.  It is being painted by mom and Ryan as we speak.  It was decided that I shouldn't since I'm pregnant and have had problems with pre-term labor in the past.

Tearing up the carpet.

Prepping with painter's tape. 

Gilead putting in his two cents.

More taping. 

Mercy had to help, too...

There are some things, of course, that we aren't qualified to do.  Like refinishing the floors.  However, by the time we leave next week, we're hoping that most of the cleaning out and re-organizing will be taken care of.  So don't be surprised if you don't hear much out of me for another week or so!


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