Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday's Friends Cafe Blog Hop--I'm a Guest Host!

I was thrilled when Melissa from Keeping Up With the Rheinlanders contacted me to say that I was this week's guest host for Thursday's Friends Cafe Blog Hop and Giveaways.

Welcome to the "Thursday's Friends Cafe!"

Just a few reminders on how the "Cafe" works.
Follow the two hosts Tammy and Melissa
(pre-requisite for qualifying as guest host)
Add your name/blog to the list
Follow as many participants as you want
(be sure to comment so they can follow you back.)
Most importantly: HAVE FUN!
This weeks guest host is...
ME (Gluten Free Motherhood)!



  1. Congratulations on being the guest host!

    New follower from the blog hop :)

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower over from the hop.
    Congrats on the guest host position.

    Hope you have a great Thursday!


  3. Congrats on being a guest host. I'm a new follower on the blog hop.

    I have an awesome gluten-free quiche recipe that I make for my co-worker who has celiac:

  4. Hello, new follower from Tues. Trail hop. Would love for you to return the love at Looking forward to learning about a gluten-free lifestyle. My great nephew (5 yrs.) lives gluten free but I live too far away to know what it really entails. Have a great week!

  5. Newly following you from the Tuesday hop.

  6. new follower, please follow back at