Friday, December 17, 2010

First Foods: Plum Organics Fiddlesticks

When I started this blog I had ambitions of doing a series on gluten-free first foods for baby.  However, things never go as planned.  For those of you who are unaware, my family has found itself in a tricky position.  My husband is one of those well educated people (a master's in accountancy), who, through no fault of his own, has found himself unable to find a job since graduation.  Therefore, our little family is currently pretty nomadic since we have no home of our own.  Just this month we'll have been in four places.

More than ever, we're having to rely on God for the "little things."  Things that aren't little at all, but we tend to take for granted, like the roof over our heads.

And my faith is often too small, which leaves me stressed and preoccupied.  Hence, fewer meaningful posts than I have intended.

But, here is one of those posts.  I have recently discovered yet another gluten-free finger food for little ones.  Plum Organics Fiddlesticks.  I remember seeing these as a new item at our local food co-op after Mercy was eating "normal" food well and no longer required things designed to break down well.  I've known mothers who don't really feed their babies "baby finger foods" and jump straight to pieces of table food.  Either they know some super-mom secret that I don't, or my children's GERD keeps their gag reflexes too sensitive for that.  I'm inclined toward the latter.  Gilead is just now eating things like small bits of soft pear, potato, and cooked carrots without throwing up over it.

However, Gilead loves fiddlesticks in both berry and apple carrot.  I'm pretty sure there are more flavors, but I haven't seen them locally.  The box says they are for ages 12 months and over, but he does fine with them at just barely 10 months.  I'm inclined to think the age recommendation results from the egg in the ingredient list.  Last I knew recommendations were changing and they were finding no adverse affects if eggs were introduced in small quantities before one year.

I also love that fiddlesticks are higher in calories than many other "learning to eat" food.  Baby MumMums contain a mere 15 calories in two crackers.  Fiddlesticks contain 20 per stick--so two of them is a decent snack for Little Guy.

Fiddlesticks aren't the least expensive first food on the market at $3.50 to $3.99 for a box of 12 at our local natural foods store.  However, he doesn't get them every day, so we only go through about two boxes a month, which isn't too terrible in the end.  We've been very happy about find one more easy snack food for our babies and anticipate that there will be more in the future since celiac isn't so uncommon as was once believed.


  1. Those sound quite yummy!! :)


  2. I think I got some at Babies R Us... or Target. Can't remember. But I do remember we got banana one time too. The berry ones were Eric's favorite. He found some in a bag in my room and was secretly going in there and stealing from the stash... LOL!

  3. We love this baby food! The best part is the consistency - it is NOT runny at all. My son loves the taste and eats it all up. We have ordered this multiple times, as it's a huge hit in our house.