Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Mercy's new Carseat

Gilead is long, and it occurred to me earlier this week that, in light of that, I should check on the size limits for his Graco Snugride carseat.  Sure enough, he's too tall.  Therefore, we ordered the next seat for Mercy, a Britax Frontier 85, so that he could move into her Britax Boulevard.  We pinch pennies hard in most areas of life, but have decided that safety seats for the kiddos isn't one area we feel comfortable doing so.

I guess that wasn't so wordless.

Anyway, Mercy likes her new seat.  Quite a lot...

In case you were wondering, these were taken in the living room.  We decided to get it all adjusted for her before going out into the wet and cold to install it in the car...

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  1. NICE! We bought Caydi to a bigger rear facing carseat(Summer's current one is only front facing but the one we bought for caydi is convertible) when she turned 5 months because she has been much to large for the snugride since then. Is Mercy's old seat a convertible? I LOVE her new seat and the fact she has cupholders, the seat looks so comfy!

  2. We bought the same seat for Levi so that Miles could use his Britax Marathon. And we feel the same way about car seat safety. IMHO, once you move up to a Britax, you really can't do better. They are worth the money and peace of mind.

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  4. Hello I wanted to stop by and thank you again for your participation in Souper Saturday. Check your email for the post on the hop. Have a great day!