Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Almost Free Toddler Bed Bumper/Rail

After Gilead was born, we moved Mercy from the crib into her toddler bed.  We were going to wait a few months, but then we realized that since I was recovering a c-section I couldn't lift her out of the crib.  Therefore, we switched to the "big girl bed."  All went smoothly.  To this day she doesn't get off of the bed before we come to her room to tell her she can be all done.

However, this summer, we started to be awakened by pitiful cries in the night.  Upon entering Mercy's room we would find her on the floor, and often several feet from her bed.  It seemed that she was slowly wiggling off the bed while she slept (despite the built-in rail) and then continuing to sleep.  Upon awakening she was rather disoriented by her new location (the middle of her bedroom floor), and none too happy about it!

We're the type who need our sleep.  And we had a new infant in the house.  I was told by a few friends that she would just grow out of it, but at the moment anything that interrupted precious nighttime sleep and was potentially fixable was to be viewed as a mortal enemy.  So I did what any modern mom would do.  I went online.

I only found two solutions for toddler beds (vs. twins).  One would cost $60.  Ouch.  That wasn't an option.  The other was considerably cheaper at a mere $28.  However, given the fact that my  husband was a full-time graduate student and we were soon to be entering a rather unstable job market, what I really wanted was a free solution.  Then I found a forum, and I never read forums.  Too much subjective information.  But this time I skimmed it, and found an ingenious solution by a clever mom.

A water noodle.  You know, those long, foam pool toys.  

I immediately went to Walmart, purchased the extra large one(translation, the one with a larger diameter), cut it to length, and installed it.  Mercy hasn't fallen out of bed since.

The noodle cut to fit.

The noodle creates a bumper that is easily climbed over, but not rolled or scooted over--especially in one's sleep.  And all for just $4!


  1. I'm a new follower, and unfortunately not a mom, but I love your idea! My sister-in-law is about to have a baby girl and I will be sure to tell her about this if she runs into something similar..

    I am looking forward to reading your gluten-free recipes.. :)

  2. I love this idea. This is ingenious and frugal. Everything I love..lol. I found you (and glad I did) through the Sensational Saturday Blog Hop.


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