Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mommy Madness Blog Hop

This is what happens when you turn your back on a just-barely 2 yr. old when she's finishing her yogurt before naptime...

While you're here don't forget to enter my Dapper Snappers giveaway here.  Only three days left and 38 entries so far!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Cinnamon Raisin Bread

What happens when I'm sick, in need of comfort food, and have pastry dough in the refrigerator...

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Surprises

Friday was my birthday, and my wonderful family surprised me with some things that have been on my wishlist.

The first, from my husband, was this:

The second, from my in-laws, was a learning tower so that I can more easily involve Mercy in kitchen projects.  So, as soon as I was able, she and I set about making some gluten-free brioche.

And it turned out pretty well.  The top is a beautifully carmelized mixture of egg wash and natural sugar--and the the loaf is even rounded at the top, which, in my experience, can be a very difficult thing to attain with gluten-free breads.

I'm looking forward to trying the cinnamon rolls in the next day or two.  I love having bread dough in the refrigerator all the time.  It has been many, many years since I've had the luxury of eating bread any time I'm in the mood!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Gluten Free Pantry

When people learn that I can't have gluten, they often ask what I can bake with.  Sure, when you start out, most of us use mixes--and there are far many of those available now than there were just a few years ago.  However, I soon wanted more variety and a more cost-effective option.  No matter what way you swing it, cooking gluten free will never be an inexpensive as using wheat flour, but doing it from scratch certainly gets you closer.

The only gluten in our home can be found in a loaf of bread I keep for my husband's sandwiches and regular pasta--I use two pots and make regular for him because it costs less.  Other than that, we all eat gluten free.

Right now I'm operating out of a very small kitchen that doesn't have a pantry.  Someday I plan on being able to store many of my flours in larger quantities.  But for now, here's a sampling of my gluten-free baking supplies.

This was taken right after we moved in two months ago, so many of my flours were low.  Those large containers on the bottom contain mixes I make myself, and the containers on the top of the cabinet have various flours, meals, etc.  And yes, the containers on the top are double-stacked.  There's more you can't see!  The first two baskets of that wire rack are also gluten-free products, which includes my rices and quinoa.

I would love to have the option of having just one or two bags of flour.  However, though starting a gluten free pantry can be a daunting process, it is well worth the effort for the results it brings!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dapper Snapper Infant and Toddler Belt Giveaway! CLOSED

In celebration of starting this blog, I'm hosting a giveaway!

Ever heard of Dapper Snappers?  Neither had I--until I saw them in a little consignment store in rural Idaho last spring.  I hesitated over buying one, but we loved using it on Mercy so much that when Gilead was big enough to use one we bought another!  These are so much more convenient than belts.  Unlike a traditional belt they don't have to be unfastened for potty trips or diaper changes.  Every time our children wear their Dapper Snappers at least one person comments on what a great idea they are.  

Gilead sporting a white Dapper Snapper

We have a white Dapper Snapper and a neutral one--because one of those will coordinate reasonably well with most outfits and are gender neutral, which allows both of our kiddos to use them.  However, Dapper Snappers come in a great variety of colors suitable for boys and girls.  Though they are advertised as suitable for children ages 9 months to 5 years, we found that they worked well on many pairs of pants starting at about 6 months.

I had originally purchased the neutral colored Dapper Snapper shown below to give away to one follower.

However, I have just been contacted by Dapper Snappers, and they have generously offered to send one lucky winner two original Dapper sSnappers in colors of his/her choice.  Therefore, this neutral one is no longer up for grabs, but if you'd like neutral, that is obviously still an option--plus one more color!  So head on over to their website and check out all of the great options.

Here are the rules, and please leave an e-mail address on all entries so that I can contact you should you win!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Become a public follower of Gluten Free Motherhood and leave me a comment letting me know that you did, or, if you already are, leave me a comment telling me so.

For each additional entry leave one comment per entry.  If you participate in one that is worth more than one entry, leave the specified number of comments.

Extra Entries:
1. "Like" Gluten Free Motherhood on Facebook (1 entry).
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4. Tweet this giveaway on Twitter (1 entry).  Include a link to your tweet in  your comment.
5. Blog about this giveaway (3 entries) and leave a link to your post in your comments (leave 3 comments).

The giveaway ends November 1 at 11:59pm PST.  The winner will be chosen via the random number generator at  The winner will be notified via e-mail as well as an announcement on Gluten Free Motherhood.  That reader will then have 48 hours to contact me and claim the Dapper Snapper before an alternate winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States.

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To-the-TOP Tuesday

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gluten Free Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Have you heard of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day?  It has become all the rage among many of my friends.  I must admit that when I first heard about it I was a bit jealous.  Okay, make that a lot jealous.  Why couldn't those of us who have to make our own bread from scratch have a quick and easy option like that?  But I determined to be happy for my friends and moved on.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, a friend who's husband also has celiac pointed me to the website Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and the recipe for a gluten free crusty boule.  The new book, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day has a gluten-free chapter, and this is a sample recipe.

I've made it twice now, once with the "neutral oil" and once with olive oil.  We really prefer the neutral oil version.  For some reason the olive oil one seems bland by comparison.  The texture also isn't as desirable.

Mercy and I have never had bread as a daily option in the past.  She now wakes up almost every morning, grabs her little stepstool and declares "I look at the bread!"

This is most definitely a "rustic" type of artisan bread.  Not beautiful, but still nice.  And the flavor is so, well, bready!

When I made it with the neutral oil there were a lot more "air pockets" which I rather liked.  It seems backwards since the recipe says the olive oil will yield a lighter loaf.  I may have to give it another whirl.  And, though the recipe calls for a dutch oven, I don't have one.  So I looked in a friends artisan in five book and found the instructions for using a baking stone.  It may turn out even better in that dutch oven.  One is now officially on my wish list!

I'm thinking that eventually purchasing Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day might be worth it just for that one gluten free chapter.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

MiniMe Giveaway at Raising My 5 Sons!

Since this blog is about babies in general as well as being gluten-free, here's the first post pertaining to something fun for baby.

I've been wanting one of those cute little onesies for Gilead that has a tie sewn to the front.  I'd thought to make one myself, but we've undergone a long-distance move in the last couple of months, and it simply hasn't happened.

However, Raising My 5 Sons is hosting a giveaway for an adorable onesie with tie by MiniMe. Head on over to check it out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Foods: Baby Mum-Mums

This is the first in a series of posts regarding "first foods" for babies that are on a gluten-free diet.  With our first I had no idea where to start when looking to find such options.  Hopefully this will help to save you some of the time I put into my search!

Before I even became pregnant with our first child we had decided that our children would remain gluten-free until they were old enough to verbally express how they were feeling.  I'd much rather have my child express that her tummy hurts or show me the rash that is bugging her than have to go on a witch hunt to try to figure out why she's suddenly so cranky.

So, when Mercy hit about 5 months old I started keeping my eyes peeled for gluten-free teething biscuits and starter foods.  I was dismayed to discover that all of the ones that I saw my friends pulling out of their diaper bags for their babies contained gluten.  Arrowroot biter biscuits were out, as were those little Gerber puff things that come in a tall yellow container.  About the time she hit 6 months I was thrilled to discover Baby Mum-Mums at our local Winco. Mercy plowed through who knows how many boxes of them by the time she hit 16 months or so and moved on to other things.

Baby Mum-Mum Original Flavor

Baby Mum-Mums are made with japonica rice, come in three flavors, and are free of most common allergens.  

Baby Mum-Mums also dissolve quickly and are most definitely the least "chokey" finger food that I have introduced to my babies prior to their first birthdays.  And, unlike most gluten-free baby and toddler foods, they are now available in many mainline grocery stores.  We always have at least one or two boxes in our pantry!

          Our second, Gilead (8 months) enjoying a Baby Mum-Mum

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why this Blog?

I am the stay-at-home mom of two adorable children ages 2 and 8 months.  I also have celiac disease.  Each in itself requires a lot of time, energy, and organization--not to mention tremendous effort to keep on a budget.  When you put them together life gets even more interesting.

So this is my attempt at keeping up on products, services, and other relevent information for babies and toddlers (and eventually older children as mine grow) as well as gluten-free products, news, and recipes.  When I find things that combine those two areas of my life I get particularly excited.

I would be delighted to have you along for the ride in my quest to find all things wonderful in the worlds of living sans gluten and being a mom.  Let the adventure begin.